Flowing with flowers

When life in low,
make it full,
by a thought of,
flowing with flowers.

Line of Rekha

Ray of Rekha radiates....
रेखा का
बिंदु से
तक का सफर!

Why fire is water in Hindi

हुई वस्तु
की अग्न 
है पानी;
का एक 
जल पड़ा!

Dream & Draw

An image in a dream,
leads to the drawing,
of an idol concrete.
Drumming your dream,
not just aftermath,
of drug and drowsiness,
but part of the art,
worth drowning.

Visual art in digital age, psychic automatism, and coming together of arts and commerce stream


A stitch in time,
saves nine.
A cross in stitch,
calms itch.

Improving is ....

Improving is,
again and again,
without an eye,
on monetary gain.

Hankie & Towel

always a room,
for रुमाल 
and गमछा!
रुमाल -
to keep माल,
गमछा -
to soak गम!

Breaking ice with rice & coffee

जो बच्चे,
रो रो के,
रोटी खाते हैं;
वही बच्चे,
पुलाव के रूप में ,
बड़े चाव से,
चावल खाते हैं!

Toffee is coffee of kids,
an incentive for school,
without a lunch.
Coffee is toffee of adults,
an excuse for off,
without a fee!


Click and lock your hand clock in a block deal!

बूँद बूँद से घट भरे !
Pound and pound,
round the clock,
leads to ground,
for a large number,
of compounds.

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