Reverse & Parallel

Toffee is coffee for kids,
an incentive for school,
without lunch.
Coffee is toffee of adults,
an excuse for off,
without fee!

जो बच्चे,
रो  रो के,
रोटी खाते  हैं;
वही बच्चे,
बड़े चाव से,
चावल खाते  हैं!

के मत्थे पगड़ी बाँध अर्जुन नाचा था,
और हम नाचे बिन पगड़ी के!

दीदी का,
मात्रा में,
फेरबदल कर,
 दादा होना!

पंजाबी पस्त!

The fear of God,
restrains evil.
For the devil rest,
there is dog to arrest.

Yadav is ubiquitous

यादव सर्वत्र 

यादव को याद करो,
और यादव हाजिर है!

You are special!

We and I include me and so maybe selfish at times. You eliminates personal interest. Anyone opposite I needs to be respected. There is a decorum: ‘I and you like each other’ is not acceptable English. It should be ‘you and I like each other.’

U and V-shaped costumes compete when decorating for the neck of someone special. V is sharp, pointed downside; U flexible and natural shape taken of neck garland.
You is also special in the sense that in front of you I say ‘you are special,’ not ‘you is special.’

Queen Cracker

Knight before night

Every dog has his day, 
cat her night,
queen her knight.

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