Houseful Syndrome

Asset=Set of Ass?
If a gentleman shows in an open crowd that he is in possession of a bundle of currency notes, it is overwhelming to label that gentleman acting like a child or fool for the time being. Yet, the same notion is observed in human behavior in other ways. For example, showcasing one’s worth in terms of branded clothes, etc., etc. These subtle ways to display one’s worth/power can be practiced by those who are ‘full’ with money, looks, etc., etc. In Hindi, there is a term ‘Paagal’ (पागल) which can be inferred as ‘पा के जो गल जाता है,’ or one who after having melts. This is close to a fool full of possession.

Learning fundamentals

Suppose you learn fundamentals of boxing. Can you win a medal at a school level, forget national or international level, by knowing just fundamentals? Perhaps never. Now, you do a research on what is wrong in knowing just fundamentals. A small scrutiny reveals that you were having ‘fun’ throughout ‘mentally.’ There goes a saying of no free lunch; you bargained for a free lunch that is also full of fun!

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