Bell Syndrome

Bell has a profound influence on each of us as we grow. While in the home, door bell excites as we wait for someone loved or alarms someone coming and spoiling the party. School bell in examination hall can cause ruptures in the belly and beyond for kids under pressure to perform in order to prove their sincerity to parents/teachers/peers.

Love/fear of ringing bell alerts, drives us to action as we live under the constraint of time. There is an element of a hurry, and how much one can stay aligned with core values during those moments of alarm then becomes crucial. While bells start and stop ringing, life continues...

Dollar outweighs Pound

Every dollar comes with a ‘doll’ embedded in it. Love for dolls is universal. All of us before growing up spend a lot of time playing with dolls. And here goes a saying 'a father is a child of a man' ('doll mother of woman').

No wonder, having a thing about dolls remains throughout life with many consistently shedding pounds accumulating dollar for the dolls (to get her they stand, together they fall).

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