Remembering Nazia Hassan

The song ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ by Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan (April 3, 1965 – August 13, 2000) in Hindi movie Qurbani (1980) made barely fifteen-year-old Nazia an object of curiosity throughout Pakistan, India, and South Asia.

The above song, also included in Nazia’s debut album ‘Disco Deewane’ (1981), for the first time introduced pop music in Bollywood delighting audience as far as Brazil, Russia, and West Indies.

Nazia Hassan, beautiful, young, and popular, was married with Ishtiaq Baig, a rich Pakistani businessman, on March 30, 1995. Nazia stopped singing after marriage and gave birth to son Arez on April 7, 1997. It appears that Nazia was badly affected because of conflict of interest between brother (Zohaib) and mother (Munizeh Basir) on one side and rich husband. Nazia died of lung cancer on August 13, 2000.

Zeenat Aman
Parveen Babi
Reena Roy
Nazia was facing a lot of issues with her marriage which she reportedly said ‘became another cancer.’ Similar fates have befallen other actresses like Parveen Babi (April 4, 1949 — January 20, 2005), Zeenat Aman (date of birth: November 19, 1951), and Reena Roy (date of birth: January 7, 1957) in this part of continent in the past. This is a pointer to the fact that a young and beautiful woman, even celebrity in her own right, remains vulnerable and could not expect guarantee of a secure marriage.

Diana, Princess of Wales
In many ways, Nazia’s life can be compared with Diana (July 1, 1961 — August 31, 1997), Princess of Wales. Both were beautiful and died young, and each one’s life had an intense sadness. Like Diana, Nazia too loved charity and worked for many projects including helping children on behalf of the United Nations.

H and L from highness perspective

Alphabets or letters are building blocks of any word. So, they must be important by themselves on a stand-alone basis. The shape of an alphabet when it is pronounced, how it appears when it is written should be crucial. Words are nothing but permutation and combination of 26 letters (English).

If we start from the right, we enter a whole new world compared to the left. So, the first letter must be important for any word. Initialization is important even in computer programming.

By shape, H appears to be part of ladder L to climb up (head, hill, heaven) or down (heel, hole, hell) on a level-playing land. L for low, leg, last; H for high, head, heaven.

Top people associated with movements are leaders, those in administrative hierarchy heads and captains. A leader leads or lifts or launches a movement from below; head and captain administer from the position of top!

Despite H in this article standing for highness, harsh-sounding words like harsh are harsh to hear. Just like the placement of zero is important for digits, so maybe the case for each letter in words.

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